3 Truths and 3 Lies


  1. I did my senior lit project as a story cycle about girls and Y2K as a spiritual experience.
  2. I believe who and where and what context and to whom we’re born to is one universal defining struggle. I think this is true even for those who have ‘happy childhoods.’ See Relating Narratives by Adriana Cavarero
  3. I come across as sort of WASPy. I have a fairly buttoned-down personal life. No judgments to those who don’t, after all the content of my writing is confrontive, deeply personal, and edgily about things like illness and sexuality.


  1. I’m fully comfortable with presenting work that often has the ability to offend anyone and everyone.
  2. I’m ready to stop listening to the bold 1995 version of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill (see You Ought to Know) and embrace the 2005 acoustic version.
  3. I’m not cool at all with the challenge of living within community.
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Alison Bergblom Johnson

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