Hey y’all! I’ve got a Blackmailer

I performed a new piece a few weeks ago that was partly about how I don’t have trolls. I still don’t have trolls. However, I now have a blackmailer, and apparently I’m not the only one. I’m not worried because I think she’s playing a numbers game and sending her poorly worded, vague claims to everybody whose email she can get her hands on. I do think it’s pretty funny that I, a person who has talked in depth about my sex life (see the Open Letters to the Men of Craigslist) on stage and in recordings, is getting blackmail about “a video you wanked to.”

And that language suggests one other error here. Autumn, my blackmailer, seems to believe I’m a dude.

Even though this choice correspondence strikes my funny bone I know there are plenty of people who would read this and be willing to hand over the $330 in Bitcoin Autumn wants. That makes me furious because the proper response to blackmail is “publish and be damned.”

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Alison Bergblom Johnson

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