Signs of Life Open Studio

These signs reflect the culture, send warnings, focus on the body, point the way for resistance and healing through women’s traditional craft (embroidery, beading, silhouette…).

These are signs that evoke possibilities for change, for healing, for a deeper humanity (or even, if you will, womanity)? I believe that change begins with engaging with each other, being in community, mapping out trauma, and finding our vital signs, including heart beats.

For my open studio during Art-A-Whirl® I’ve created an immersive, participatory experience featuring signs and texts that focus on the body, trauma, strength, worth, and value.

Please come.

A-Mill Artist Lofts
315 SE Main St #623
Minneapolis MN 55414

Friday May 17th 5pm-10pm
Saturday May 18th 12pm-8pm
Sunday May 19th 12pm-5pm

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Alison Bergblom Johnson

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