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What a Year!

As I’m preparing 2019’s first bullet journal and making plans and goals for 2019 I am constantly stumbling over evidence of what an intense year 2018 was. The bests were the best. The lows were, well, lows. I’m already writing about some of the physical health challenges I had this year. The bests of 2018 […] Read more

Hey y’all! I’ve got a Blackmailer

I performed a new piece a few weeks ago that was partly about how I don’t have trolls. I still don’t have trolls. However, I now have a blackmailer, and apparently I’m not the only one. I’m not worried because I think she’s playing a numbers game and sending her poorly worded, vague claims to […] Read more

The Terms and Sentences of ‘Crazy’

When I say there are contractual-like terms and judicial-like sentences to being ‘crazy’ I don’t mean the colloquial version, but instead the clinical. I also mean sentences in that most common way, as in the language itself. Of course, the psychiatric world would say there is no such thing as being crazy, only a diagnosis […] Read more

An Elegy for the Personals Section on

A Death Announcement The personals section on Craigslist has died. I found out almost two weeks ago from a long-time friend and collaborator. It went dark the week before and the New York Times wrote about its demise on Friday, March 23, 2018. The personals section is archived on the Internet Archives Wayback machine. Its […] Read more

Porn Star __________________: Reductive ID tags, Scarlet Letters, and Silence

Some headlines of the moment: “Porn Star Stormy Daniels Is Suing President Trump Over ‘Null and Void’ Nondisclosure Agreement,” Time, March 7, 2018 “Lawyer: Porn star sues to clarify record on Trump affair,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 7, 2018 “READ: Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against Donald Trump,” CNN, March 6, 2018 “Porn star Stormy […] Read more

3 Truths and 3 Lies

Truths I did my senior lit project as a story cycle about girls and Y2K as a spiritual experience. I believe who and where and what context and to whom we’re born to is one universal defining struggle. I think this is true even for those who have ‘happy childhoods.’ See Relating Narratives by Adriana […] Read more

Listening to Zoë Quinn post-Gamergate

When I can’t sleep, I often listen to Public Radio, sometimes the BBC through the Minnesota Public Radio stream, but sometimes the Public Radio International (PRI) internet stream. Late one recent night the show To the Best of Our Knowledge from PRI came on with an episode titled “Why the Internet is Toxic for Women.” […] Read more

A Photoshoot Echoing my Great-Great Aunt’s Watercolor

In about 2010, I received the motherlode of watercolors my grandma’s aunt Alma painted. My grandma’s last remaining sister was in the nursing home and therefore her second home, which had once been my great-grandmother’s was finally being sold. But first it had to be emptied. My dad knew Alma’s painting style, and he was […] Read more

A Cranky Pants Moment: The only #disability…

I really hate this sentiment. And I’m not the only one offended. “The only disability is a bad attitude” either excludes people from the us with proper attitudes or erases the us with disabilities. It also supposes that these are separate groups. At the moment I appear visibly to not be in the “us with […] Read more

I Have a Disability

I have a disability. I still remember a job interview years ago when I explained a gap in employment by telling the interviewer that I had a disability and had been dealing with medical issues during the gap. Her response: “But you don’t look like you’re disabled.” She repeated this comment 3 times, each time […] Read more

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