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The Vitamix I Didn’t Buy

Buried way back in my FaceBook statuses, I think from 2010 is a status about dreaming I overdrew my checking account buying a Vitamix. Now if you don’t know, a Vitamix is a very fancy blender. It can cook soup, grind flour, reduce nuts to powder, etc. It’s also fantastically expensive: $409 2014 dollars for […] Read more

What I Haven’t Been Saying These Five Plus Years

When I started writing the essays that became the solo show, that I hope will be a finished memoir one day soon, I couldn’t help being raw, telling the ragged edged truth. Still I was missing a topic sentence, an announcement of what kind of work this was. So I chose a box I had […] Read more

Powerful Language or The Metaphor in Action

One of the most fun experiences I’ve had in teaching writing was when I first taught metaphor to people with chronic mental illness. When teaching I always define metaphor as something is something else. A metaphor: Healing from trauma is eating a raw onion.For many of my students part of their mental illness is believing […] Read more

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