Open Letters to the Men of Craigslist

The Open Letters to the Men of Craigslist are stories – letters, if you will – about gender, bipolarity, trauma and sexuality.

Why write stories about hook ups, Craigslist and mental health? Why perform them? Why create installation from them? Because I:

  • …believe in work that raises tensions between judgments, perceptions and experience to open transformative conversations.
  • …believe in telling our stories even if they are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes sad, sometimes frightening, sometimes joyful because they create a space to engage about a topic, in this case sexuality, in a way that rejects easy answers.
  • …believe nothing is too “private,” “taboo,” or “embarrassing” to be told.
  • …am choosing to tell stories that have multitudes in the same sense Walt Whitman used the word.
  • …seek to trouble pat answers, to broaden what is polite conversation, and to place experiences many people have back on the map.

These are true stories, but some details have been omitted or changed to protect others’ privacy. These audio letters are #NSFW. All images from the installation are PG-13 or so.