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The Terms and Sentences of ‘Crazy’

When I say there are contractual-like terms and judicial-like sentences to being ‘crazy’ I don’t mean the colloquial version, but instead the clinical. I also mean sentences in that most common way, as in the language itself. Of course, the psychiatric world would say there is no such thing as being crazy, only a diagnosis […] Read more

A Cranky Pants Moment: The only #disability…

I really hate this sentiment. And I’m not the only one offended. “The only disability is a bad attitude” either excludes people from the us with proper attitudes or erases the us with disabilities. It also supposes that these are separate groups. At the moment I appear visibly to not be in the “us with […] Read more

From Around the Web – May 24th

Old, Old Psych RecordsThis is a really important editorial in the Detroit Free Press about the need for old psych records to eventually be available to the public for research purposes. I’m in favor of records being available 40-70 years after someone dies. Just like the census. I’ve done research in collections at the Minnesota […] Read more