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Hi there,

I’m an artist who works across several genres and media with an emphasis on explorations of gender dynamics, taboo topics, and edgy personal experience.

Some past projects and past iterations of current projects:

  • an installation of bedsheets arranged to resemble private booths as space to listen to pre-recorded stories about sexuality.
  • a solo storytelling show on mental illness and psychiatric care in the family.
  • a short personal essay published in the journal Flock, when it was still named Fiction Fix, entitled “She Can have This Calf.”

I hope you’ll have a look around, and if you’re of a mind to explore becoming a patron for as little as $6 per month head over to Patreon. That site is a great place to explore the rewards on offer or to sign up as a patron and get audio and photos related to the Open Letters to the Men of Craigslist project.



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